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Tassel making

Beautiful tassels are versatile as an icing on the cake for accessories. Using my shawl „Gardens of Sanssouci“ as an example, I show how to make an 8 cm long tassel in just a few steps. The density of the tassel can be changed by wrapping the yarn around the palm of your hand not 50 times at the beginning, but less or several times. The length can be varied by using a piece of cardboard of the desired width instead of the palm. My hand is 9 cm wide.

Tassels for a shawl

The yarn is wound around the palm 50 x and cut. The thumb fixes the thread in the first round.

All threads are joined together with a longer double thread.

The double thread is knotted and later used to sew on the tassel.

All threads are cut at the end with larger scissors.

Use a longer single thread and wrap the head of the tassel 8 x at a distance of 1.5 cm from the double thread knot.

The single thread is tightly knotted.

Pull the ends of the single thread into the tassel with a needle.

All tassel threads are shortened to the desired length and straightened.

The double thread can now be used to sew the tassel to the shawl as desired.