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Preparation of the charts

The charts of my models are characterized by a colorful representation and clarity. My designs are more complex than many jacquard and Fair Isle patterns, so the chart is also quite extensive. This tutorial uses the „Tausendschön Shawl“ to show how to create an attractive pattern sheet for good handling in just a few steps. It is best to print the charts in „High Quality“ and reduced to 85 %.

Printed chart pages at a glance

Cut & glue

First, trim the vertical edges so that a white border remains and the sheets can be glued together (see also the small scissors symbol).

After gluing together, use a ruler and pencil to draw the outer edges that need to be shortened and cut them. This will make the pattern sheet handy and beautiful. For a better overview, only the 3 horizontal sheets should be glued together and not all 6 together.

Ready chart pages

Reading the chart when knitting

The chart is read best with a longer ruler, which is placed under the row that has just been knitted. This way you can always check the correct placement of the stitches based on the previous row. For all larger projects, counting the rows with a stitch counter is very helpful. After an interruption, the row to be started is quickly found again.