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Artful Jacquard patterns & Fine Lace

Filigran on beautiful color gradients

Shawls and triangular shawls are the highlights among my designs, because they offer space for displaying sophisticated and elaborate jacquard patterns. My favorite yarn is Spindrift from Jamieson’s of Shetland. Spindrift’s fingering weight is particularly suitable to create fine pattern textures and also offers an unmatched color palette to bring my ideas to life. A suitable yarn color can be found for almost any mood play of nature, and the many shades allow you to combine beautiful color gradients.

I often find the inspiration for my models right before my eyes – in nature, in pictures, while walking with my dog or in memories of past travels. My love for old and traditional textile art is reflected in many of my models. Sometimes it is also the color creations of old frescoes and painters like Leonardo da Vinci or Caspar David Friedrich that move me to my color designs.

As a contrast to the colorful jacquard patterns, I like to knit and design lace patterns for shawls and triangle shawls. It never ceases to amaze me that it is possible to make something as delicate as a lace shawl myself. Among the different traditions – Orenburg, Estonian or Scottish lace – I like the motifs of Scottish lace the most.

pearl of Orient – 9,52 €

sea bird – 9,52 €

midsummer – 9,52 €

highland symphony – 9,52 €

indian summer – 9,52 €

purple flower – 9,52 €

oriental grace – 9,52 €

a christmas tale – 9,52 €

shetland summer – 8,33 €

dream walker – 9,52 €

gentle summer breeze – 9,52 €

grassland – 9,52 €

larmiar blue – 9,52 €

gardens of sanssouci – 9,52 €

english rose – 9,52 €

Tausendschön Shawl – 9,52 €

To help you knit these challenging jacquard patterns, I´ve created a small set of helpful photo and video tutorials: