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Scarfs & Cowls

Jacquard knit fairy tale

Favorite pieces when it gets cold

Scarves, loops and cowls never go out of fashion and are warming companions for the cold season. The „Helleborus“, „Greyhound“ and „Blue Eyes“ models are still available in other variations, as mittens or hat, and can always be put together to form matching sets.

All my accessories are designed in one size from the fingering yarn Spindrift by Jamieson’s of Shetland. If the model is to be larger, it is alternatively possible to use the sport yarn Double Knitting from Jamieson’s of Shetland, as it offers the same color palette as Spindrift. Knitting needles with a smaller size can be used to reduce the size. If you have experience with felting wool, you could also „felt“ the finished model a bit to make it smaller.

Woolly blues – 7,47 €

greyhound cowl – 7,47 €

helleborus cowl – 8,33 €

helleborus scarf – 7,47 €

waldnymphe – 8,33 €

Island walker – 8,33 €

autumn leaves scarf – 7,47 €

flying dolphin scarf – 8,33 €

flying dolphin cowl – 7,47 €

blue eyes cowl – 7,47 €

greyhound scarf – 7,47 €

Tausendschön Cowl – 7,47 €