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New Designs

Tausendschön Shawl

Shetland wool Shawl


Hat & Fingerless Mittens

Gentle Summer Breeze

Angora lace shawl

Purple Flower Triangle Shawl

Graceful Flair & Elegant Design

The idea for the triangular shawl „Purple Flower“ is based on my enthusiasm for the unique Cambodian ikats, which are elaborately produced in Siem Reap by the IKTT in the traditional way. The result is an artistic jacquard pattern with an expressive red-purple background on which colors run in golden-yellow nuances. The magnificent and filigree design is inspired by ancient carpet embroideries from Asia Minor and was knitted from 10 different colors of the yarn Spindrift from Jamieson’s of Shetland.   ….. Read more

E-Book Zauberland & Greyhound Series

14 Artful Jacquard Patterns on 188 Pages

The eBooks „Zauberland“ and „Greyhound Serie“ were created in 2021 and together contain 14 knitted models in a lovingly designed format. „Zauberland“ with 9 designs includes 137 pages and presents 8 jacquard pattern models and a lace shawl. When knitting these artistic and individual accessories, lovers of jacquard and lace knitting will get their money’s worth. The „Greyhound Series“ with 5 designs on 51 pages is designed for both women and men. With their recurring color and pattern composition, the 5 models invite you to knit matching sets for a special outfit. The original Shetland wool used is not only beautiful in color, but also wonderfully soft and cuddly – just right for winter.   ….. Read more

Tausendschön & Summer Breeze

Elegant & Feminine Look

The fingerless „Tausendschön Mittens“ and the „Tausendschön Hat“ are the start of a new series of 5 models. From the colors of my triangle shawl „Purple Flower“ I was so excited myself that I did not want to let them go yet. So I got the idea for two new designs as a colorful continuation of „Purple Flower“ and for the small collection „Tausendschön Series“ (still in progress).

The lace scarf „Gentle Summer Breeze“ is a feather-light, gossamer model and its almost adventurous bias pattern makes it something special among lace shawls. The soft angora yarn comes from „Happy Rabbits“ from the small manufactory „Seidenhase“. When I was looking for a yarn for my next lace scarf, the beautiful story behind this great yarn tipped the scales in my favor. ….. Read more

Tausendschön Mittens – 7,47 €

Tausendschön Hat – 7,47 €

Gentle Summer Breeze – 9,52 €