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Blankets, Cushions & Single Motifs

Ambience for home

Cuddly & beautiful at the same time

The alpaca blanket „Oriental Grace“ was my first jacquard pattern project in this format and at the same time my masterpiece. Until the completion of this magnificent blanket, I did not know if it was possible to knit such a complex and sophisticated pattern on the one hand, and on the other hand to present it in a knitting pattern for others to follow.

The challenge succeeded, and many more beautiful patterns followed. Crucial to the success of such work is learning the jacquard knitting technique, knitting with 2 colors at the same time. In all my instructions there is a section where I explain this technique with the help of photos. I work in the so-called „continental“ knitting style, namely with both color threads on the left hand.

On this website I have put together a small series of photo and video tutorials on this subject, you can find them here.

Oriental Grace – 9,52 €

Little Ochrid Baby blanket – 9,52 €

Venetian Beauty – 9,52 €

Sterntaler Baby blanket – 9,52 €

Memory of notre dame – 8,33 €

Oriental Flower I – 8,33 €

Oriental Flower II – 8,33 €