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Join knitted pieces together

With the stockinette stitch it is possible to join knitted pieces and edges elegantly from the outside. An almost invisible seam is created when the work is started with a provisional stitch cast on and the last row has not yet been cast off. However, the stitch can also be used with chained-off and normally cast-on knitted edges. A small seam can be seen in this case, but it is still subtle and flat.

My models always start with a regular stitch cast on (not provisional), as this provides more stability for knitting with 2 colors, especially at the beginning. The following pictures show the joining of knitted ends using the example of the model „Helleborus Cowl“. The stitches of the first row were cast on normally, the stitches of the last row are still open on the knitting needles.

Grafting with the stockinette stitch

1 Knitting edges, which are to be joined, are opposite each other. A longer thread left for sewing together.

2 With a sewing needle, the thread is pulled through the first stitch of the upper side from the inside out.

3 Then the sewing needle is inserted from right to left through the first 2 stitches of the lower side.

4 Let the first stitch slide off the knitting needle, while the second stitch remains.

5 The thread is now pulled through both stitches of the lower side.

6 The sewing needle is then inserted behind the next stitch on the upper side.

7 The thread is pulled through. It should always be tightened only so that a new stitch loop is formed.

8 From step 3 to 7, the process is repeated until the knitted piece is completely sewn together.