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Knitwear Design Collections

by Marion Schlenzka

Each of my E-Books presents a collection of knitting patterns in a lovingly and carefully compiled format. Each book is divided into a table of contents, a section on general preparation, the knitting instructions for each model, a gallery and an appendix with all charts.

In „Grassland“, „Midsummer“ and „Zauberland“ you will find 9 models in different colors and patterns. In the „Helleborus Series“ and „Greyhound Series“ a pattern and color combination is always reflected in 5 different accessories, so you can create great matching sets.  

Zauberland – 28, 56 €

Grassland – 28,56 €

Midsummer – 28,56 €

Helleborus Series – 18,45 €

Greyhound Series – 18,45 €