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About me

My first home was the Hanseatic city of Greifswald, where I was born in 1966. Greifswald is also the birthplace of the painter Caspar David Friedrich, whose beautiful paintings have always accompanied my life and are still a source of inspiration. Because of a career change of my father, our family moved to Magdeburg in 1979. Although life in an industrial city was difficult at first, I had a great time at high school during my last 2 years in Magdeburg. Afterwards I studied biology at the MLU Halle (Saale) and Engineer for Environmental Protection and Spatial Planning at the TU Dresden. From 1997 I lived in the Czech Republic and expressed my artistic inclinations for the first time professionally with my own calendar publishing house. Back in Halle (Saale), accompanied by many positive circumstances, I founded my label „Marion Schlenzka Designs“, which became my vocation. I specialized in multicolored jacquard knitting designs and get inspired by nature, art, architecture and especially colorful textile artworks from different countries of the world.

The most beautiful place in the world is my working table. Here I first draw my patterns by hand and then transfer them to a digital format. On the computer, there is now the option of integrating colors. Then the knitting begins and the design is tested. Hardly any pattern is not unraveled several times and started again. When the project is finished, I go to the photo shoot, weather permitting. With the photos in the box, I’m usually so curious that I start sorting and editing the same day. Over many corrections, in the end the knitting instructions are created and if there is enough material, finally an eBook.