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Knitting with 2 colors

Knitting with 2 colors at the same time is the key to beautiful fair isle and jacquard patterns. One color is knitted while the second color is passively running along the backside of work. It is important to maintain an even yarn tension and not have the yarn running along too tight or too loose. Especially with my larger designs, like the scarves, triangle shawls and blankets, this is the foundation for the success of the project. I tend to knit with a slightly tighter tension as the finished model gradually smooths out after washing, during wear and by its own weight.

The knitting technique with 2 colors shown here is based on the so-called „continental style“, where both color threads are passed on the left hand. In contrast, in the „English style“, one color is passed on the left hand and the other color on the right hand. It can be difficult at first to let both threads glide evenly through the hand and to develop a feeling for the correct tension. But with practice, it gets easier and easier. For less experienced knitters, it’s a good idea to start with one of my simpler designs, a hat, scarf, cowl or a single motif.

Picking & guiding the yarn

The pattern color yarn is picked up with the little finger and the index finger.

Next to it, the background color yarn is picked up with the ring finger and the index finger

The pattern color is always guided at the base of the index finger, the background color on the tip.

My pattern designs are more complex than many jacquard and fair isle patterns. A pattern repeat requires knitting more stitches and rows, and the second yarn must be carried for longer distances. To prevent it from hanging loose on the back of the work, integrate it into the using yarn at regular intervals during knitting. For example, if the second yarn has to bridge 16 stitches, it will be integrated after the 4th, 8th and 12th stitches. This is briefly illustrated in the following pictures and 2 videos (all videos under „Tutorials„).

Yarn integration

Yarn integration front side row (underweave)

Yarn integration wrong side row (underweave)